49 Functional Trainer Exercises

49 Functional Trainer Exercises

Functional Trainers, commonly referred to as cable machines or cable crossover machines, make great centerpieces for your home gym for 2 main reasons: they’re extremely safe and they're extremely versatile. To showcase just how versatile they really are, we compiled a list of 49 exercises you can do with a functional trainer broken down my muscle group.

Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer

Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer

Please note: this list is not exhaustive! Nearly all of these exercises can be done with different variations which means there are even more exercises you could perform with a functional trainer. Some common variations include: using one hand vs. two hands to perform an exercise, using different cable attachments, and integrating other pieces equipment during your exercise such as a bench or an exercise ball.


  1. Standing cable fly’s
  2. High cable fly’s
  3. Low cable fly’s
  4. Standing chest press
  5. Laying chest press with handles or bar
  6. Incline chest press with handles or bar


  1. Standing shoulder press
  2. Seated shoulder press
  3. Lateral raise
  4. Front raise
  5. Shrug
  6. Upright row
  7. Internal rotator
  8. External rotator

  1. Overhead tricep extension
  2. Tricep kickback
  3. Push downs
  4. Standing preacher curls
  5. Seated concentration curls
  6. Laying floor curls
  7. Chin ups

  1. Lat pulldown
  2. Lat pushdowns
  3. Seated row
  4. Standing row
  5. Face pulls
  6. Pull ups
  7. Reverse fly’s

  1. Squat
  2. Lunge
  3. Reverse lunge
  4. Internal hip abduction
  5. External hip abduction
  6. Standing leg curl
  7. Leg extension
  8. Glute kick

  1. Downward facing crunch
  2. Upward facing crunch
  3. Reverse crunch (weight on legs)
  4. Core twist
  5. Hanging leg raises

Functional/Sport specific
  1. Squat to overhead press
  2. High to low wood chop
  3. Low to high wood chop
  4. Golf swing
  5. Baseball swing
  6. Overhand throw (baseball, football)
  7. Underhand throw (softball, bowling)
  8. Tennis backhand


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