About Us

Jonathan Coope walked into his first gym at just 15 years old in his hometown of Queens, NY. It was love at first sight. He spent the majority of his teenage years in the gym and by his early 20's he was an award winning amateur professional bodybuilder. 

With his prize money, Jonathan pursued his dream of opening a gym in his neighborhood and trained anybody who walked in and sought his advice. After a period of brief success, the gym unfortunately had to close down and Jonathan had to continue his career as a personal trainer in a large commercial gym.

- Jonathan's gym circa 1983. Queens, NY

For more than 15 years Jonathan enjoyed success as a personal trainer in a commercial gym, but a deteriorating knee issue forced him to retire early. While he then went on to successful career in sales, Jonathan never again felt that same satisfaction he felt when he owned his own gym and trained his peers in his small neighborhood gym. 


Empower Gyms was founded for people like Jonathan (or Coach Coop as we know him) and for everyone else who favors working out in more intimate gym environments. It is our mission to empower you to live out Jonathan's dream of owning your own small local or home-based gym. We strive to do this by providing superior customer service, creating long term relationships with our customers, and supplying the best gym equipment at the most competitive prices. 

Our team has more than 30 combined years working out in gyms so there is nothing we can't help with. In particular, we have lots of experience helping our customers turn limited amounts of space into effective gyms and we are always more than happy to give recommendations for particular types of workouts. 

Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to hearing from you!


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